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We are students and young people from all over the state of Maryland. We work with nonprofit partners and advocacy groups in the state to accomplish our goal of progressive climate policy.

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As the generation that will be most affected by the climate crisis, we have the most to lose from inaction. When we stand up for something as important as climate change, legislators listen. Our jobs, homes, families, and futures depend on it. We cannot let the mistakes of the past rob us of a safe, healthy, and vibrant future. Climate change will affect our future job earnings, our public safety, and our health. We can't let this happen.



There is consensus in the scientific community that climate change is real, is human-caused, and is affecting us already. Years of innovation have supplied us with REAL SOLUTIONS in renewable energy and technological advancement. It's about time we implement those solutions. Climate scientists, economists, and public leaders agree that the best way to do this is with well-designed Carbon Pricing.



It's no secret that climate change unfairly hurts people living in poverty, people of color, and less-developed countries. How grossly unfair that those responsible for causing climate change have managed to deflect its effects onto those who are already disadvantaged? We need to ensure that our solutions to the climate crisis protect those who are marginalized by current systems rather than worsening their burden.